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  • Hair Analysis: Procedure and Benefits

    Hair analysis refers to the chemical analysis of a hair sample or microscopic analysis or comparison. Three clumps of hair are cut that go under the laboratory tests, with all the pertinent information about your hair. For example, which shampoo do you use, do you dye you hair or not, etc. Various spectrographic processes are operated and different information is collected identifying various traces through the hair. Then the deficiencies are revealed which is helpful for the physician or the practitioner to diagnose any disease of any person.


    There are many benefits of hair analysis. Some of the important benefits are as follows:

    • It can be applied to diagnose almost any disease, from diabetes to cancer or thyroid problems.

    • It is almost 100% accurate and gives the overall metabolic reading of human body.

    • It is a simple and non-evasive method of testing human body.

    • Hair analysis is one of the best ways for health analysis.


    Apart from blood and urine test it is becoming more popular among the medical fields due to above mentioned advantages.

  • Understanding Hair Analysis

    One of the recent medical science developments is hair analysis. It is claimed that hair analysis is an effective scientific way to determine minerals, drugs, etc, present in our body. These minerals are the governing factors for our health and diseases.

    Hair analysis is a simple and non-evasive method of identifying minerals and nutritional imbalances. It is claimed that the amount of minerals that are found in the hair is more significant than in blood. Thus a health test by hair root analysis is one of the best ways to obtain accurate results of test.

    Moreover, hair test is beneficial in providing the result of long term body readings compared to blood tests which is instantaneous. Thus is gives the information of the overall metabolic reading of human body.

    The importance of hair analysis for health diagnosis can be imagined that it has been significantly valuable to diseases like diabetes, mineral deficiencies, screening procedures, etc. Thus it is one of the most effective ways to find the root cause of any disease and helping to diagnose in the perfect way. Moreover, it is also easy to sample, ship and analyzed, which makes this test more convenient than other tests.