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  • 5 Reasons you need Hair Follicle Analysis

    Healthy looking hair is a sign of good health. Hair is the second active tissue in human body. Hair tissue is not only affected by the blood and genetics but also by hormones and enzymes. A blood test shows the outer environment of the human body because it detects what is happening outside the cell and not inside the cell. The hair test gives a reading of what is being stored in human body. Here are five reasons you need to undergo hair follicle analysis.


    1. Vitamin Deficiency: Changes in hair texture and skin color can provide clues to the presence of vitamin deficiency.
    2. Inadequate Blood Circulation: Hair loss is caused or exacerbated by a deficient blood supply.
    3. Nutritional Deficiency: The hair acts as a storage receptacle and so, hair test for nutritional deficiencies can give a bigger picture of your health to nutritionists.
    4. Food Allergy: If you are unable to identify the food behind your food sensitivity, then hair testing can give you the exact information related to allergens.
    5. Chronic Health Problems: Hair test detects toxins and pathogens which are causing chronic health issues.


    Prevention is better than cure. You can keep yourself safe from future health problems by undergoing hair follicle test.

  • Significance of Hair Follicle Analysis

    Your hair can tell the truth about your health. Stress, food sensitivity, nutritional deficiencies, dehydration and malabsorption in the body can all be a factor for your ill-health. Hair analysis can help in determining the imbalances in your body along with food and nutritional deficiencies. Hair follicle test is the scientific examination of your hair. The follicle testing can read early signals from your body and gives you a plan that enables you to change your daily routine today.

    Hair testing includes food sensitivities, digestive problems, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, toxicity in the body and others. Hair follicle analysis is an effective way of establishing vitamin or mineral deficiencies, food sensitivities, bowel problems, etc.

    The advantages of hair follicle test include the low cost, non-invasiveness and the ability to measure potentially interacting biologically essential elements. Hair analysis can help to monitor a patient’s healing progress. It also provides a long-term and more instantaneous reading of the body.

    Hair analysis is generally done by using hair profilers. Such hair profilers are designed to give a precise assessment of what vitamins and food types you personally require in order to attain ultimate wellness. Hair analysis is fabulous to assess the reasons for lowered energy and health problems.