5 Signs of Calcium Deficiency in Body

Everyone knows that calcium is an essential element for the health of bones. Deficiency of calcium in bones can lead to poor bone density. Some common signs that indicate calcium deficiency in body are:

1. Late signs of puberty:

Lack of calcium also causes menstruation related problem and delays the sign of puberty in females. Premenstrual cramp is also a big reason of calcium deficiency females.

2. Tooth Decay:

Calcium plays an important role in keeping the jaw bones strong and holding teeth in place. Hence, deficiency of calcium in body also affects the teeth. Tooth decay is another sign of calcium deficiency in body.

3. Insomnia:

Sleepless nights are also an important sign of calcium deficiency in human’s body. Sometimes, a person with lack of calcium may fall asleep soon at night but doesn’t get a satisfactory sleep.

4. Muscle Cramp:

This is considered as one of the most primary symptoms of calcium deficiency in body. When you have calcium deficiency, the muscles of your underarms, thighs and arms will ache while walking and moving around.

5. Weak and brittle nails:

We need sufficient amount of calcium in our body for proper and healthy nail growth. Weak and brittle nails are sign of calcium deficiency in body.

Lack of calcium can also be tested by hair analysis test in Australia.


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