How Bio-Profiler Helps You with Your Health

Bio-Profiler is the science of natural healing of the human body by boosting the natural mechanism of defense and maintaining the energy balance.

 It believes that unless the energy imbalance of the body is corrected, attaining overall well being and health is not possible. Since all illnesses and diseases are physical manifestations of imbalance in energy system of the body.

If you are suffering from some chronic health disease from a very long time and still unable to find a solution even after consulting a number of professionals, you may be better of trying Bio-Profiler for investigating further about the root causes responsible for your health problems.

For this purpose, Bio-Profiler tests are carried out:

  • It determines the underlying causes of the illness
  • Identifies the effects of nutritional deficiencies, food intolerance, pathogens and toxins on the human body.
  • It also finds out ways to overcome the illness.

Hair Test for Nutritional Deficiencies: One of the major causes of illness among people is deficiency of severe nutrients in the body. Bio-Profiler test helps the patient in determining all the nutrients which are lacking in their body. The test also suggests about the supplements and foods the patient should consume for overcoming these issues.


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