Bionetics Test: Meaning and Benefits [Infographic]

Despite the advancements in the world of medicine, there are many diseases and illnesses that physicians fail to diagnose and treat on time. A failure to recognize the root cause is one of the main reasons why physicians fail to cure a disease. Bionetics test can help physicians, scientists and nutritionists identify the underlying cause of a disease and provide the right treatment to the patient.


In this test, a sample of hair is used to measure the energy balance in the body. In this test, hair samples of the patient are scanned to detect toxins, pathogens, nutritional deficiencies and food intolerance in a patient’s body. The test also measures the reaction of the body to different foods and ingredients. With hair analysis of health, Bionetics test proves to be very useful in treatment of acne, diabetes, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, migraines and other diseases.


Hair Test for Nutritional Deficiencies


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