Quick Facts About Food Intolerance

Food intolerance, food allergy, and food hypersensitivity are some of the common names that are used to describe adverse reactions to food. However, these food related problems are different and may have different causes and symptoms. Food intolerance often makes the sufferer feel unwell and impacts his or her social and working life. Unlike food […]


Signs and symptoms for recognizing 5 common nutrient deficiencies

Nutritional deficiencies affect the normal functioning of the body, such as metabolism, digestion, enzyme function, water balance, and nerve signalling. Nutritional deficiencies often lead to other diseases like osteoporosis, and anemia. Given below are the signs and symptoms for recognizing the 5 common nutritional deficiencies. Calcium – Calcium is required for keeping the bones strong […]

Bio Profiler Hair Follicle Test – Your Chronic Health Issues under the Magnifier!

Hair Follicle Test for all your Chronic Health Issues

Today, we find more and more people getting ill due to various reasons including stress, nutritional deficiencies, mal-absorption and more reasons. These reasons are sometimes hard to figure as these give to unknowable diseases. ? Getting a hair follicle analysis test could be smart choice of  inner health investigation method specially for those who suffer […]

Food Intolerance: Reasons, Symptoms and Prevention

What is food intolerance? Food intolerance refers to the difficulty in digesting certain foods. Though food intolerance is not life-threatening but it is much more common than food allergy. The onset of symptoms of food intolerance usually comes on gradually and occurs only when someone eats a lot of the food or eats the food […]

Identifying Toxicities with Hair Follicle Test

Today, people living in modern civilisation face a number of health problems such as headache, acne, weight gain, depression, digestive complaints and the list goes on. Often times, these health issues result from imbalances and toxicity within the body. In addition to these ailments, toxicity can also augment the normal biological pathways, including hormone pathways, […]