Hair Follicle Analysis: The Hair Tissue Revolution in the Medical Science

When they said, excess of anything and everything is bad; they most definitely meant it for the minerals and toxins present in your body too. We all have read in our science text books that our body is a mixture of different chemical elements and minerals. However, the problem starts when the chemical imbalance arises in our body due to the excess amount of any minerals or toxins leading to different types of adverse health conditions. In the field of medical science, there is always more to health than meets the eye.

To get clearer image on the body minerals and health issues and to avoid further apprehensions about any chronic disease you’re suffering from, you can go for the Bio-Profiler test where the result will be based on your hair follicle test and analysis. You’ll be surprised to know that a single hair tissue of yours can give an accurate test results for 37 nutritive minerals and toxic metals in your body. This test amplifies the chemical and mineral contents of your hair thereby giving an insight to the root causes of the chronic diseases and ca further help you in deciding the right course of treatment for you or your loved ones.


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