Hair Follicle Test: A Method of Detecting Drugs Consumed

Hair follicle test is an examination for identifying the drugs consumed by the tested person. The timeline for drug consumption can stretch from past 5 to 90 days which basically means if the subject being tested would have consumed the drugs in past 90 days, he can be easily detected.

It is an advanced way for forensic toxicological testing for the repeated drugs use. The hairs from the scalps are used mainly for this testing but also body hair can be used if the person does not have scalp hair.

When a human body processes the drugs, hair follicles absorb the metabolites of that consumption through the Blood veins. These absorbed molecules are detected during this test. It can make detection up to a consumption done 90 days ago but factors such as growth rate of one’s hair also make the difference. The hairs are cut nearest possible to the scalp with an approximate length of 1.5 inches amounting to 40 milligrams of hair.

For the longer period of time, the hair follicle test is more effective than the urinal testing for drugs detection. The drugs such as Marijuana, cocaine and Ecstasy can be detected with the help of this test.

There are some myths associated with hair follicle tests such as the use of various shampoos and second-hand smoke can beat it. These myths need to be dispelled. This test is gaining wide popularity and hair tests are being used for detecting other diseases too on a wide scale.


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