What is Hair Follicle Test and Why it should be Preferred Over Other Mediums?

Hair follicle test can be used for several purposes and it’s gaining a favor on blood and urine test as it delivers more accurate and exact results.

Understanding the process of hair follicle test:

Once you’ve consumed any drug, the active chemicals in the drug start circulating through your body. The chemicals or the by-products of the chemicals produced by the consumption of drugs get accumulated in your hair follicles. As your hair strands will start growing, the follicle will deposit these chemicals in the hair and later on the hair follicle test will be used to detect the usage of drug in your body by taking a small sample of your hair.

The three most important reasons to prefer hair follicle test over other mediums are:

  • They can detect a much longer history of drug usage which can be back dated up to approximately 90 days.
  • This is considered to be the most reliable form of drug testing because unlike urine test, the person can’t use cheat product in one’s hair.
  • It’s the least painful and time consuming procedure when compared to blood or urine test. (Don’t get confused with the term ‘follicle’ because no one is going to rip your hair out; the practitioner will only take out a small part of the hair from above your scalp/skin).

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