Identifying Toxicities with Hair Follicle Test

Today, people living in modern civilisation face a number of health problems such as headache, acne, weight gain, depression, digestive complaints and the list goes on. Often times, these health issues result from imbalances and toxicity within the body. In addition to these ailments, toxicity can also augment the normal biological pathways, including hormone pathways, mineral transport and absorption processes.

Toxicity and its symptoms
Toxicity is a general term used to indicate the adverse effects produced by toxic substances such as heavy metals or other chemicals. These elements clearly pose a concern for toxicity when accumulation occurs to excess. The over abundance of toxins results in adrenal fatigue, allergies, food sensitivities, skin conditions, weak immune system, digestive upset, nausea, bad breath and others. Toxicities are reversible through detoxification. Most people acquire toxins primarily through poor dietary habits, inability to balance nutritional requirements and not enhancing the body’s ability to detoxify through proper analysis and supplements.

Identifying toxicities
Finding the cause/s of toxicities in the body is not difficult anymore. A hair follicle test can determine heavy metals that are overloading your body, measure the levels of toxic metals & chemicals, mineral content & ratios and other nutritional deficiencies. Hair testing identifies the underlying health problem and proper detoxification can help improve any chronic health condition.


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