What All Involved in Hair Follicle Test Procedure?

A hair follicle test is basically an examination for identifying the drugs consumed by a person. It can easily detect the drugs that are consumed in the past 5 to 90 days. Although, hair testing is a newer method, it is becoming more popular, especially among court systems. Even the body hair can also be used for conducting this test. The interesting fact about this test is that it can also detect when someone took the drugs and when they stopped.

The various steps involved in this procedure include:

  • A hair specimen is collected from the donor’s head or body
  • As human hair grows about 1-2 inches every 90 days, the sample length required of this test is typically around 1.5 inches
  • The sample is sent to the laboratory for the purpose of screening prohibited substances

A hair follicle drug test is highly effective is detecting different kinds of drugs such as Alcohol, Marijuana, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Nicotine, Benzodiazepines, Opiates, etc. As compared to a urinalysis drug test, hair follicle test is considered as more effective in identifying the drugs consumed by a person over an extended period of time.


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