How to know if you have vitamin deficiency anemia?

Vitamin deficiencies usually develop slowly. The symptoms are subtle at first, but they increase as the disease becomes worse. Some of the signs and symptoms that you may experience if you have vitamin deficiency anemia are:

Shortness of breath
Pale or yellowish skin
Weight loss
Numbness in hands and feet
Muscle weakness
Mental confusion
Unsteady movements
Irregular heartbeats

Vitamin deficiency anemia occurs when the body doesn’t have sufficient vitamins to produce adequate numbers of healthy red blood cells. Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen from lungs throughout the body. If your diet is lacking in essential vitamins, vitamin deficiency anemia can occur. Some other causes of vitamin deficiency anemia include folate deficiency anemia, Vitamin B 12 deficiency anemia, and vitamin C deficiency anemia.

You are at an increased risk of folate deficiency anemia if you are pregnant, have intestinal problems, you are taking prescription medicines, and you are undergoing cancer treatment. Risk for B 12 deficiency anemia increases if you have any intestinal disease, you don’t eat any meat and dairy products, you take certain medications, or you have autoimmune disorder. The risk for vitamin C deficiency anemia increases if you are malnourished, if you smoke, if you abuse alcohol, and if you have a chronic illness.

Ask your doctor about hair analysis test. Hair analysis for health would be successfully able to detect if you have vitamin deficiency anemia or not.


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