How to Take Better Care of Your Health with Hair Mineral Test Analysis

An optimal health is the result of mineral balance in one’s body. Let’s be more precise; we all know that our body is a chemical combination of different minerals and elements and the amount of every element in our body is defined. If we’re suffering from any mineral deficiency or have excess of it which can lead to mineral imbalance, our body becomes weak and fragile and is prone to different disorders and diseases.

A hair mineral analysis test affirms any sort of mineral deficiency in one’s body and also reveals any heavy metal toxicity in the body. It also acknowledges and explains the causes of many health symptoms and diseases whose actual reasons are largely due to nutritional deficiencies, mineral imbalances or heavy metal & chemical contamination in our blood.

Although hair is dead, it works as the dumping place of all metabolites in the body once the food and other ingestions are processed by the body and hence can help you track the accurate amount of metals and minerals present in your body. These toxic metals can hinder the absorption of other vital minerals and can have a negative impact on the body’s metabolic rate. Apart from the toxic minerals, levels of other ordinary minerals can also be detected with the help of hair mineral test and can help you & your physician to detect any problem with glucose absorption in your body and also to confirm the correct functioning of thyroid and adrenal glands.


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