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It is normal that fluctuations/changeability are present, these fluctuations are acceptable and known in many cellular examinations.

The technology has been developed in Germany, certified to the high EU standards and is based on the principles of natural and empirical medicine.

It should be noted that this process/report is not a classical laboratory examination with absolute figures. It is also not intended to replace or compete with such a test. It provides indications on the extent of reaction/resonance in the person, with regard to important
environmental influences on the field of information.

This analysis is in no way intended to be a complete medical evaluation. To that extent, no final warranty is given or assumed.
Any medical complaints should always be treated by a qualified professional.

Profiler results are indications of underlying resonance responses and it must be evaluated and interpreted by a qualified medical Doctor , practitioner or health professional

No responsibility or liability rests with the Profiler, the Bio-Profile reports or the company in the event that the service is misused or marketed in a false and misleading manner.

Responsibility for the health and welfare of all Profiler users’ clients remains firmly with the user ( “client”) and their given professional opinion and indemnity.