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The Bio Profiler team

At Bio Profiler, we work with a team of physicians, scientists and nutritionists who’ve made significant contribution in their respective fields. Our aim is to help people find a permanent solution for all types of illnesses and diseases.

Combining the theories and principles of nutritional therapy and energy medicine,We aim to make it easier for patients to identify and get rid of all the factors that block the natural flow of energy in the body.

We understand that it is not possible to overcome an illness unless the underlying causes are addressed.

Working with German scientists, we’ve devised Bionetic test that can be used by physicians and nutritionists to identify the root causes of an illness.

Our mission is to provide accurate and useful information to our clients and help them achieve good health and overall wellbeing.


The Bio Profiler Test Equipment

The Bio Profiler equipment uses bio resonance technology which is extremely powerful and effective. The equipment is designed and manufactured by scientists in Germany. This technology has provided highly effective results. However, the technology is yet to gain mainstream acceptance. This is largely due to the absence of clinical evidence needed to support the technology.


However, in the recent years, many alternative technologies have emerged as an alternative to conventional tests. These technologies are fast gaining popularity and are being accepted by physicians all over the world.


It is important to mention here that the results of Bio Profile Test should not be viewed as medical diagnosis.

If you’re suffering from any disease or illness, it’s important to consult a qualified physician. However, the results of Bio Profile test can prove to be useful for those who wish to give alternative treatment a shot.

It can also be used by patients who wish to complement their conventional treatment with an effective, natural and harmless treatment.