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The Bio Profiler Test

happy couple At Bio Profiler, we believe that energy imbalances in the human body are the root cause of illnesses and diseases. Instead of simply alleviating the symptoms of the diseases, it is important to ensure a smooth flow of energy in the body. Unless, the energy balance in the body is restored, a patient cannot achieve overall health and well-being.

With this in mind, Bio Profiler was developed. A truly sophisticated and remarkable diagnostic tool using the basic energy principles.

There are certain factors that can restrict the free flow of energy in the body. The Bio Profiler system has been designed to identify these factors and help the patients find ways to remove all these blockages. The aim of Bio Profiler is to ensure overall well-being of a person and determines the current energetic state of your body.



About The Test:

A sample of your hair is used to capture the energy pattern in your body with the help of very sensitive bio resonance scanning equipment.

When the hair sample is scanned, it emits energy signals. These signals are studied by the equipment to identify the factors that are having a negative affect on the overall functioning of your body.

Identifying the factors that hinder the functioning of body’s natural healing system is the first step towards a healthy and disease-free life. At times, the hair sample may have to be scanned multiple times to gather the energy signals that can be interpreted by the equipment.

Most standard food intolerance’s tests work by identifying key immune system markers like IgG and IgE and can cost from $250 – $300 for a similar number of foods. However, these tests do not include pathogenic, toxic and nutritional influences, which we feel are equally important.

Test accuracy is a big issue and one over which no single product can claim an outright advantage. Often, the tests are measuring slightly different markers, which, makes direct comparison very difficult. Also, many conventional tests or procedures simply fail to pick up common digestive problems caused by Candida, for example. Even blood samples are not entirely accurate if the toxins are not present in the blood but have been lodged into the intracellular fluid.

Bio-Field resonance testing can be affected by environmental factors, although this can be overcome by relating the results to some basic symptom history.

Our advice is to do your research well and do select the test or procedure which you feel most comfortable with and that fits your budget and time constraints.

If you decide that the Bio Profiler Test is right for you then we have a dedicated team to help you through the entire process and to answer your questions along the way.