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The Science Behind Bio Profiler

Hair analysis for food sensitivity & identifying mineral and nutritional imbalances

Bio Profiler: It’s Science, philosophy and history

Bio Profiler is a natural system of healing that assists the human body in maintaining the energy balance and boosting natural defense mechanism.

It believes that all diseases and illnesses are the physical manifestations of energy imbalance and it is not possible to attain overall health and well-being unless the imbalance in energy system of the body is corrected.

Many ancient cultures and medicine systems acknowledged the presence of energy fields in the body.

In Chinese therapy of acupuncture and Indian medicine , maintaining the energy balance was considered essential for the well-being of a person. As a result, a comprehensive approach was followed to treat a person. Instead of just lessening the symptoms of the disease, the importance was placed on ensuring a smooth flow of energy in the body. This was considered essential to make a person healthy in all respects.

The latest researches being conducted in the field of medicine corroborate the ancient beliefs. Many physicists all over the world acknowledge the existence of ‘energy’ in the body. The need to maintain the energy balance in the human body is also widely recognized.

The Bio Profiler test identifies the effects of toxins, pathogens, nutritional deficiencies and food intolerance on human body and suggests ways to overcome the illnesses.

With the help of Bio Profiler test, the effects of harmful toxins on human body can be measured. There are many harmful toxins that can cause serious illnesses and diseases.

Pathogens include bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses. They can weaken the natural resistance of the body and make it susceptible to illnesses. With Bio Profile test, the harmful pathogens can be identified in the body of the patient. The test also suggests ways to get rid of them.

Nutritional Deficiencies
A deficiency of essential nutrients is one of the major causes of illnesses among people. Bio Profile test can help you determine the nutrients that your body is lacking. The test also suggests the food and supplements you can take to overcome these deficiencies.

Food Intolerance
Some people develop intolerance to certain foods that may cause diseases and illnesses. Bio Profile test can help you identify food items that you should avoid.

The Bio Profiler Test Equipment

The Bio Profiler test equipment to identify mineral and nutritional imbalances in energy system of the body

The Bio Profiler equipment uses bio resonance technology which is extremely powerful and effective. The equipment is designed and manufactured by scientists in Germany.

This technology has provided highly effective results. However, the technology is yet to gain mainstream acceptance. This is largely due to the absence of clinical evidence needed to support the technology.

However, in the recent years, many alternative technologies have emerged as an alternative to conventional tests. These technologies are fast gaining popularity and are being accepted by physicians all over the world.

It is important to mention here that the results of Bio Profile Test should not be viewed as medical diagnosis. If you’re suffering from any disease or illness, it’s important to consult a qualified physician.

However, the results of Bio Profile test can prove to be useful for those who wish to give alternative treatment a shot. It can also be used by patients who wish to complement their conventional treatment with an effective, natural and harmless treatment.

The results of Bio Profiler test can prove to be very useful in investigation of the cause of wide range of illnesses and diseases.

Some of the conditions that have been successfully detected and subsequently treated include:


Acid Reflux






ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis)  and Chronic Fatigue




Bowel Syndrome IBS,




Food Intolerances,


General Health Check,


High Cholesterol,

Migraines, Headaches,


Thyroid problems, etc.