Tips for enjoying healthy and disease-free life

Everyone desires to live healthy and live long but in order to achieve the maximum benefit in our health, there are a number of factors that need to be followed such as:

  • Eat it right-you need enough energy to keep you going the whole day. There is no need to starve yourself. But make sure you don’t load extra calories. Include fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and soya products in your diet to keep yourself fit and healthy.
  • Cut back on sugars and trans-fats. Avoid fizzy drinks, juices, and sports drinks as they are very high on sugar. Potato chips, burgers, pizzas, and French fries are not good for your health. For in-between meals and snacking, go for nuts or fruits to keep you full without adding up extra calories.
  • Eat smaller portions and slow down when you eat. This would give your body a chance to feel full. Make use of healthier ingredients when cooking. To add taste to your food, look for spices and herbs than adding butter and cheese.
  • Exercise on a regular basis. You may indulge in brisk walking, jogging, cycling, gym exercise, swimming, or doing household activities. Doing household work like washing, cleaning, and gardening also help in keeping one healthy.
  • Quit smoking and cut back from drinking alcohol !
    Smoking increases your risk of heart diseases and lung infections. Research shows when someone quits smoking and reduce their alcohol intake they can reduce the risk of heart and liver disease by half.
  • Have a positive attitude. This is really important. When you think positive, you feel good about your own self and also about others. This helps keep you happy and your body healthy and disease-free.

If you feel that your body is not in its right elements or your health status is not where it should be whether is due to nutritional deficiency, mineral deficiency, vitamin deficiency , allergy to food , allergy to food preservatives or other health related issues , you may need to get the latest hair follicle analysis test called Bio Profiler known as environmental hair indexing or hair follicle test, invented by the team of researchers and scientists in Germany and UK to better identify the cause of the underlying disease or health related issues that normal medicine may not be able to give you the right answer.


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