How to treat your eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis better and quicker

Eczema is a very common inflammatory skin problem. About one third of the world’s population suffer from it at some point or the other in their lives. Both children and adults can have eczema. However, no two people have the same symptoms. The best way to know if you have eczema is to see an experienced doctor, but there are certain signs that you must look out for and should not ignore.

If you notice the following signs, visit your doctor immediately,
Itchy skin
Red, swollen, dry skin
Sore skin
Blisters, cracks, peels, weeps on the skin
Skin may appear leathery and thick

Eczema usually appears as a rash on the inside of elbows, on face, cheeks, behind the ears, buttocks, on hands and feet, back of the knees. Sometimes, it may appear as small raised bumps or hives. You may notice an extra fold of skin under the eyes.

When you visit your doctor, he would take your medical history in to account and would ask you questions as to whether you suffer from asthma or any other allergic reaction to pollens, pets, or certain foods, and if you are allergic to any soap or cosmetic substance. Your doctor would also ask you questions about your family medical history since eczema often runs in families and is hereditary in nature.

These days, a lot of doctors conduct hair analysis test in Australia called Bio Profiler or Environmental hair indexing. The hair analysis test known as Bio Profiler involves taking a sample of few hair follicles from the back of neck in order to investigate further about the underlying cause of a disease. Hair analysis test is found to be highly effective in assisting diagnosing the disease and be able to design a treatment plan more appropriately.

Eczema if left untreated can cause possible complications. It can cause the skin to break, and can cause viruses and bacteria to enter the skin, leading to skin infections, eyelid dermatitis, and easily irritated skin. Get the diagnosis on time to avoid skin complications and problems.


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