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What is BioProfiler ?

Bio Profiler test (Bionetics test) can be used to determine the underlying causes of an illness and find a way to remove these causes.

The results of bio profiler test can prove to be very useful for physicians, nutritionists, scientists and naturopaths. These results can help them to identify more accurately the exact causes of diseases and illnesses.

Bio Profiler is sophisticated electronic equipment that has been developed to measure the energy balance in the body by scanning a few samples of hair of  the back of the neck of the patient.

The equipment gathers the energy information emitted from cells in the root of human hair. The information is then processed and presented in the form of a report that contains the underlying factors responsible for illnesses.

The report also contains information on nutritional and herbal remedies that may prove to be very useful when it comes to overcoming an illness. This information can go a long way when it comes to making it easier for a physician to help a patient overcome illnesses and diseases.

The results of Bio Profiler test can prove to be very useful in investigation of the cause of wide range of illnesses and diseases.

Some of the conditions that have been successfully detected and subsequently treated include:

Acne,  Acid Reflux , Allergy, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Bloating, ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis)  and Chronic Fatigue, Colitis, Diabetes,   Irritable  Bowel Syndrome IBS,  Eczema,  Fibromyalgia,  Candida,  Food Intolerances,  Diabetes,  General Health Check,  Headaches, Herpes, High Cholesterol, Migraines, Psoriasis, Thyroid problems, etc.