What is Hair Follicle Test and Why it should be Preferred Over Other Mediums?

Hair follicle test can be used for several purposes and it’s gaining a favor on blood and urine test as it delivers more accurate and exact results. Understanding the process of hair follicle test: Once you’ve consumed any drug, the active chemicals in the drug start circulating through your body. The chemicals or the by-products […]


Why Using Hair Analysis for your Health is a Better Option?

You’ll be surprised to know that hair is the second most metabolically active tissue and you can get the most accurate result by performing hair analysis for health with few strands of your hair.   It helps you understand the mineral composition of your body as well as an indicative of energy, metabolism, detoxification ability, […]

How Bio-Profiler Helps You with Your Health

Bio-Profiler is the science of natural healing of the human body by boosting the natural mechanism of defense and maintaining the energy balance.  It believes that unless the energy imbalance of the body is corrected, attaining overall well being and health is not possible. Since all illnesses and diseases are physical manifestations of imbalance in […]

What All Involved in Hair Follicle Test Procedure?

A hair follicle test is basically an examination for identifying the drugs consumed by a person. It can easily detect the drugs that are consumed in the past 5 to 90 days. Although, hair testing is a newer method, it is becoming more popular, especially among court systems. Even the body hair can also be […]

An Insight into the Hair Mineral Analysis

Hair mineral analysis, also known as hair analysis test or heavy metal testing is conduct to determine the levels of heavy metals and essential minerals inside the body. This test provides an accurate report regarding what all happening inside the body for the last few months. It is widely recommended to find out the nutritional […]